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Volunteer Coordinator Needed


We are currently in need of a volunteer coordinator.
   Susan Ricard has been filling this position as well as that of Treasurer for several years.
  Below is a  description  of the Coordinators position.

Volunteer Coordinator/Board Member Responsibilities:

Collect and maintain a list of all volunteers which includes their job preferences and contact information. Update this list to keep it current and make it available to Board if requested.

   In Depth Support will always be available... Always!  

     Maintain email listings of all volunteers in order to:

    1. Send out monthly emails notifying volunteers of all activities taking place for the month.

2.Respond to emails as volunteers respond and make their availability known for dates volunteers are needed.

      3. Send out emails letting volunteers know who is working on Sorting Days and/or Packing Delivery Days and what duty each volunteer is being assigned to.

   4.Send out emails notifying volunteers of all fundraising events scheduled for Back Pack Angels.

5.Send out emails to volunteers as requested by President and/or Board.                       

      The Volunteer Coordinator should have computer experience, preferably with spreadsheets

and Word programs. A knowledge of setting up email groupings would be helpful.

Would you like to order a Back Pack Angels Shirt?

Please Contact:

Pat Edukonis at 614-467-4605

 or email contact 

December General Meeting Minutes

 North Port Coalition for the Homeless/Needy Children, Inc. 

December General Meeting Minutes 

December 3, 2019 

Board Member Present                                            Board Member Absent 

*******************                                            ****************** 

   Dianne Patterson, President                                          Martha Teall, Co-Vice President 

Dennis Teall, Co-Vice President                                      Brandon Johnson, Advisor 

             Myra Cooley, Secretary                                                          Patricia Petersmark                                                      

        Susan Ricard, Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator                                                                       

Frank Casey, Web Editor                                                                                                        

 Joyce Hill, Fundraiser Chair                                                                                                    

Hazel Goodman, Tagging Chair                                                                                             

General Meeting was called to order at 10:10 am by Dianne Patterson at Busey Bank 

Mission Statement was read by all. 

Introductions were made by all. We had three new people. 

If the North Port Library is still closed on January 7th, 2020, we will hold the meeting 

somewhere and Susan will send a blast out during December. 

Myra read the November General Meeting Minutes. 

Susan read the financial report. 


*Amazon Smile – on going 

*Perkins – on going.            

*Five Below -- The November Five Below Fundraiser, we made $14.50. We are having another 

Fundraiser from December 15th to 21st, 2019. I was told that we pass out the flyers from the 

parking lot. 

*Giving Tuesday -- December 3. Make sure you use Facebook when making a donation and 

when you have made the donation, Susan said to make sure you check the box so Back Pack 

Angels knows who donated but if you do not want us to know do not check box.     

*We are going to Perkins after the General Meeting to say “Very Big Thank You” for supporting 

us thru the years.*Sonny’s – December 4th. The fundraiser starts is from 4 pm to 8 pm. We get 25% of the bill 

pretax. You need a flyer from them and the coupon is on the we bite. 

*Bunco -- 2/5/2020. The food list was sent around again. Carol Lazzeri is in charge of the food. 

Dennis is going to ask someone about donating pastries and hot food. Joyce is selling tickets for 

$25.00. More to follow. 

*Toast/10th Anniversary-- 4/15/2020. More to follow. 

*Giving Challenge – 4/28/2020 to 4/29/2020. Noon to Noon. More to follow. 


*The bag count for this month is 704. We have made several changes to hygiene products this 

month. We received 3 wrong items this month and Dollar days told us to kept items. As this 

month, only Pre Schools will be getting Baby Wipes, everyone will be getting Toothpaste every 

2 months and Dental Floss every 3rd month and Hair Brushes every 6 months. 


*Up to date. The new website is easy to use. 

Advisory Committee 

*Dianne will sending a letter out to former Back Pack Angels that have Boards and Volunteers 

to see if they would like to be on the Advisory Board to help us in the future. 


*Patricia was at the Radio Station for Giving Tuesday. 


*Hazel Goodman is the new Tagging Chair and Jean Wagner will be helping her. 

Drop – offs 

*All the people that are picking the Hygiene Products have lots of items. It has been noticed by 

the people donating the small shampoo and hand soap are getting less. The hotels are using 

wall dispensers instead of the small bottles. 


*Pat has T-Shirts and the orders come in several weeks. 

Southern Storage Basket 

*Dianne made a Christmas Basket for Carlos and Terri for all the work they have done for us 

this year.

Other Business/Adjourn 

*Dennis son has two Paul Mitchell stores and he going to ask Paul Mitchell if he would donate 

items or sell products at cost. More to follow. 

*Dennis donated $500.00 worth of gift cards for Bunco and the Toast/10th Anniversary. 

*Sue DeSousa (New Member as today) is from River Walk Community and they have decided to 

make us charity this month. THANK YOU. 

*Cheryl Doyle has written to The DeBartolo Foundation Family to see if they would like to make 

a donate or grant . Cheryl and family have known each other for years. 

Adjourn at 11:10 am. 

______________________________                                                 _____________________________ 

Dianne Patterson, President date                                        Myra Cooley, Secretary date