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Volunteer Coordinator Needed


We are currently in need of a volunteer coordinator.
   Susan Ricard has been filling this position as well as that of Treasurer for several years.
  Below is a  description  of the Coordinators position.

Volunteer Coordinator/Board Member Responsibilities:

Collect and maintain a list of all volunteers which includes their job preferences and contact information. Update this list to keep it current and make it available to Board if requested.

   In Depth Support will always be available... Always!  

     Maintain email listings of all volunteers in order to:

    1. Send out monthly emails notifying volunteers of all activities taking place for the month.

2.Respond to emails as volunteers respond and make their availability known for dates volunteers are needed.

      3. Send out emails letting volunteers know who is working on Sorting Days and/or Packing Delivery Days and what duty each volunteer is being assigned to.

   4.Send out emails notifying volunteers of all fundraising events scheduled for Back Pack Angels.

5.Send out emails to volunteers as requested by President and/or Board.                       

      The Volunteer Coordinator should have computer experience, preferably with spreadsheets

and Word programs. A knowledge of setting up email groupings would be helpful.

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Please Contact:

Pat Edukonis at: contact 

February General Meeting Minutes

 North Port Coalition for Homeless/Needy Children, Inc. 


General Meeting Minutes 

February 4, 2020 


*********************** ********************** 

Dianne Patterson, President Dennis Teall, Co-Vice President 

Myra Cooley, Secretary Martha Teall, Co-Vice President 

Susan Ricard, Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator Brandon Johnson, Advisor 

Frank Casey, Web Editor 

Patricia Petersmark, Publicity/Historian Advisor Committee Absent 

Joyce Hill, Fundraiser Chair *********************** 

Hazel Goodman, Tagging Chair Eileen Buckley, Advisor 

Marcia Mullen, Advisor 

Advisor Committee Present 


Renee Ramsen, Advisor 

Carol Lazzeri, Advisor 

Linda Warmington, Advisor 

Cheryl Doyle, Advisor 

General Meeting was called to order at 10:10 am by Dianne Patterson at Olde World Restaurant. 

Mission statement was read by all. 

Introductions were made by all. There were 2 new volunteers were present. 

The January General Meeting Minutes were read by Myra Cooley. 

Financial Report was read by Susan Ricard. We still need a Volunteer Coordinator. 


*Amazon Smile – on going 

*Perkins – on going 

*Bunco – 2/5/2020. St. Paul’s will be open at 8 am so we can get into the church to finish 

setting up Bunco. Everyone can bring their food and drink around 9 am. Everyone has their 

assignments for the day. Patricia has a Photographer coming to take pictures for the paper.*Toast/10th Anniversary. 4/5/2020. The event is being held at Heron Creek Country Club in the 

evening. There will be Silent Auction, Raffle and 50/50 tickets. Joyce will be holding a 

fundraising meeting on February 21st at 11:00 am at Family Table. More to follow. 

*Giving Challenge -- 4/28/2020 to 4/29/2020 Noon to Noon. More to follow. 

Schools/Agencies --No update on bag counts, sorting or packing dates. Susan will send out 

emails when she gets them. 

Website—up to date. 

Publicity/Historian—Patricia met with Chris Porter and Patricia got articles 3 times in the paper. 

Patricia did a video at Los Dos Cristiana Coffee Shop and they have had over 550 hits on the 

video. Patricia has been asked to read to the children at Shades of Green Stables from 1 pm to 

3 pm. They have mentioned this event and us on Facebook. Linda is doing the radio show with 

Patricia on February 13th. 

Tagging – Last month, Hazel changed how the tagging was done on the Large Bags, they are 

doing the same way as the small bags are done and counted by schools. Hazel has enough bags 

till April. 

Drop-offs -- Lot of items being picked up. 

T-Shirts – on going 

Newcomer’s Day --- Lots of people stopped by and ask for locations of drop-offs. There were 5 

new people that signed up to be volunteers. Everyone had a great time. 

Vizcaya Lakes --- Dianne, Joyce and Patricia went to Vizcaya Lakes Fundraiser Luncheon for us. 

We collected lots of hygiene products and Odetta Hanson from Vizcaya Lakes brought 2 checks 

for $500.00. 

Other Business 

*Naomi picked a car full of products from LaCasa. Nan Brown club gave donation of $50.00 and 

hygiene products. 

Adjourned at 10:42 am_______________________________ ______________________________ 

Dianne Patterson, President date Myra Cooley, Secretary date