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Volunteer Coordinator Needed


We are currently in need of a volunteer coordinator.
   Susan Ricard has been filling this position as well as that of Treasurer for several years.
  Below is a  description  of the Coordinators position.

Volunteer Coordinator/Board Member Responsibilities:

Collect and maintain a list of all volunteers which includes their job preferences and contact information. Update this list to keep it current and make it available to Board if requested.

   In Depth Support will always be available... Always!  

     Maintain email listings of all volunteers in order to:

    1. Send out monthly emails notifying volunteers of all activities taking place for the month.

2.Respond to emails as volunteers respond and make their availability known for dates volunteers are needed.

      3. Send out emails letting volunteers know who is working on Sorting Days and/or Packing Delivery Days and what duty each volunteer is being assigned to.

   4.Send out emails notifying volunteers of all fundraising events scheduled for Back Pack Angels.

5.Send out emails to volunteers as requested by President and/or Board.                       

      The Volunteer Coordinator should have computer experience, preferably with spreadsheets

and Word programs. A knowledge of setting up email groupings would be helpful.

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Please Contact:

Pat Edukonis at: contact 

January General Meeting Minutes

 North Port Coalition for Homeless/Needy Children, Inc. 

     General Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                                                            

    January 7, 2020

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT                                             BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT

**********************                                             **********************

Dianne Patterson, President                                            Dennis Teall, Co-Vice President

Joyce Hill, Chair Fundraiser                                              Myra Cooley, Secretary  

Patricia Petersmark, Publicity/Historian                        Martha Teall, Co-Vice President                                                                       

Frank Casey, Web Editor                                                   Brandon Johnson, Advisor

Susan Ricard,Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator            

Hazel Goodman, Tagging Chair

General Meeting was called to order at 10:05 am by Dianne Patterson at Olde World Restaurant.

Mission statement was read by all.

Introductions were made by all.   There were 3 new volunteers were present. 

Dianne introduced the new Advisory Board members, Marcia Mullan, Renee Ramsen, 

Carol Lazzeri, Linda Washington, Cheryl Doyle and Eileen Buckley was not present.

December 2019 General Meeting Minutes were not read as Myra was absent.

Financial Report was read by Susan.  We still need Volunteer Coordinator.


*Amazon Smile --- on going

*Perkins – on going

*Bunco – 2/5/2020. Is at St. Paul’s on Sumter.   Carol Lazzeri is in charge of food.  We need desserts.  We will have coffee, water and tea.  Question of whether we also should have soft drinks.  80 tickets have been sold so far.  Volunteers can bring donations to fundraising meeting on Friday morning Jan. 10th at Family Table at 9:30, or drop them off at Dianne’s or Joyce’s.  We will have raffles and prizes for Bunco, no silent auction.  Margie explained how Bunco is played.

A fundraising meeting will be held at Family Table 1/10/2020 at 9:30 am.

*Toast & 10th Anniversary –April 4, 2020 at Heron Creek at 6:30.  Carol has received 4 passes to Crayola.  Because we will not have a silent auction at Bunco, the passes will be saved for the Toast.  More to follow.

*Giving Challenge –4/28/2020 to 4/29/2020 noon to noon.  More to follow.

*Schools and Agencies: Dennis & Martha not present.

Website: We have 704 bags this month, not on website yet, otherwise it is up to date.   Most volunteers look at calendar when they go to the website.  Renee mentioned donation locations are on the website.  It was brought up that only Dianne’s phone number is listed as we have had hackers in the past.  Susan had a problem with hackers looking to scam for money. 

Frank informed Joyce that we have received a great amount of information regarding fundraising from our connection with GuideStar and wanted to know if Joyce would be receptive to having this forwarded to her for guidance and training purposes. Per her acceptance promptly forwarded emails from GuideStar to her. 

Advisory Committee: Our first meeting will be held after the General Meeting. New Advisory Members are: Eileen  Buckley, Linda Warmington, Renee Remsen, Cheryl Doyle, Carol Lazzeri and Marcia Mullan.

Publicity - Pat reported that the fundraiser at the Venice Symphony was a success.  Many products were bought in

Publicity: North Port Sun has not been publishing many articles about North Port.  Most of our publicity is coming from Pat’s radio shows and she is putting news in the Talon Bay Newspaper.

Pat reported that the  Venice Symphony sponsored the  BPA in December and collecting many hygiene products and cash donation for us.

Pat spoke at the Harbor Cove Grandmother’s and at the Rotary about BPA’s. The Rotary donated $80 and products to BPA.  Riverwalk did a raffle of gnomes and made $700 which they donated to BPA.

The 15th of January, Pat is going to be doing the video at La Dos Christiana that Hazel is getting set up.

Pat also mentioned that Kahill Dunn is back and she will have him on her show.  She recommended people should go see him if they can as he is very talented.

*Tagging –Hazel is picking up paper bags at Publix, she needs plastic bags.

*Drop-offs – Blaine was not present but we have received a lot of donations this month.

*T-shirts – Pat has t-shirts in her car, but has no smalls right now.  She also has donations which can be used for Bunco or whatever.

Other Business

*We received a check from Grandmothers of La Casa for $1,200 from Marsha.  She does not want thank you to go to her but to the Treasurer.

Joyce has letters to give to businesses when they donate to BPA.  

Hazel talked about how she has approached a business, received not only a donation for both the Toast and Bunco, but they want to make a video of BPA for their donation box.

Adjourn at 10:35 am.

_______________________________                            ___________________________

Dianne Patterson, President   date                                   Myra Cooley, Secretary    date