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Volunteer Coordinator Needed


We are currently in need of a volunteer coordinator.
   Susan Ricard has been filling this position as well as that of Treasurer for several years.
  Below is a  description  of the Coordinators position.

Volunteer Coordinator/Board Member Responsibilities:

Collect and maintain a list of all volunteers which includes their job preferences and contact information. Update this list to keep it current and make it available to Board if requested.

   In Depth Support will always be available... Always!  

     Maintain email listings of all volunteers in order to:

    1. Send out monthly emails notifying volunteers of all activities taking place for the month.

2.Respond to emails as volunteers respond and make their availability known for dates volunteers are needed.

      3. Send out emails letting volunteers know who is working on Sorting Days and/or Packing Delivery Days and what duty each volunteer is being assigned to.

   4.Send out emails notifying volunteers of all fundraising events scheduled for Back Pack Angels.

5.Send out emails to volunteers as requested by President and/or Board.                       

      The Volunteer Coordinator should have computer experience, preferably with spreadsheets

and Word programs. A knowledge of setting up email groupings would be helpful.

Would you like to order a Back Pack Angels Shirt?

Please Contact:

Pat Edukonis at 614-467-4605

 or email contact 

October General Meeting Minutes

   North Port Coalition for the Homeless/Needy Children, Inc

                                              October General Meeting Minutes                                         

                                                         October 1, 2019                                                      

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT                                      BOARD MEMBER ABSENT

**********************                                       *********************

*Dianne Patterson, President                                   -Dennis Teall, Co-Vice President 

*Myra Cooley, Secretary                                            -Martha Teall, Co-Vice President

*Frank Casey, Web Editor                                          -Brandon Johnson, Advisory       

*Joyce Hill Fundraising                                                                                                        

*Susan Ricard, Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator                                                          

*Patricia Petermark, Publicity/Historian                                                                          


General Meeting was called to order at 10:06 am by Dianne Patterson at the Shannon Staub Library.

Mission Statement was read by all.

Introductions were made by all. 

We had one new person attended.

New Hope Church Thanksgiving Dinner

*Steve and Larry talked about the Thanksgiving Dinner for this year.   Steve stated that last year, they served about 2450 people and this year, they will serve about 3500 people.  They have 5 locations that they will be serving including the new one in Arcadia location and delivering to homes.  They have a web site that you sign up to volunteer to help in either set up, serving, cleaning up or driving the 600 meals to people.  The website has the items that they need for the dinner.  They need Turkeys that weigh between 14-16 lbs and to be delivered on Sunday November 24th in early afternoon. They have anonymous donor that will be matching up to $5000.00. You can either donate money or food to New Hope for the dinner.

New Hope is having a Free Health Fair on October 12, 2019. Open to the public. 

They are having a fundraiser on November 13, 2019 from 4 pm to 8 pm in North Port.

September Financial Report

*Financial Report was read by Susan Ricard.   Susan and Dianne moved the money from the matured CD from Bank of Ozarks to the checking account.  Susan wanted everyone that Back Pack Angels needs help in the fundraising efforts due the rising cost of the hygiene products.

Myra Cooley read the September Meeting Minutes.


*Amazon Smile --- on going                                                                                                                      *Perkins – on going                                                                                                                                    

*Quarter Auction – 10/1/2019 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  We are hosting the Quarter Auction with the Kiwanis due to their Quarter Auction being cancelled in September. Everyone has been assigned their duties.  Raffles for Aquatica and SeaWorld will be drawn at the Quarter Auction.

We are dividing the money from the vendors, paddles and food sales.  Both Raffles sales will stay with each of BPA and Kiwanis.  

*Pasta Dinner ---10/24/2019 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.  Students are doing all the work.   We are a bake sale and Joyce Hill sent around sign up sheets.  Joyce and Patricia had a meeting at the school to finish up with the finally details of the Pasta Dinner.             

*Five Below – We are having 2 fundraisers at 5 Below --- November 24th to November         30th 2019 and December 15th to December 21st, 2019.  We get 10% of all sales and they need to have the flyer.  More to follow. 

*Sonny’s BBQ ---12/24/2019. From 4 pm to 8PM.  Need to have flyer and Joyce will picking up the flyers.  More to follow.

*Giving Tuesday – 12/3/2019.  We have a donation button on our Web Page.  More to follow.

*BPA 10th Anniversary – 4/15/2020.  It will be held at Heron Creek and it is to be dinner.       

  More to follow.

*Red Hot Bunco – 2/5/2020.  More to follow.                                                                                      

  *Giving Challenge – 4/28/2020 to 4/29/2020.  Noon to Noon.  More to follow.                             


*Our bag count was going to 780 bags and now it will be approx 686 bags. On September 30, 2019, the Board discussed how many children were getting bags from school and their parents may be getting more bags from Family Services and/or Salivation Army.  It was decided that Frank would visit both of the administrators and explained our financial situation to suspend these agency's. Though the decision was hard to suspend them from our services they were understanding.  As of October, 2019, we will no longer be delivering Family Services & Salvation Army.

Frank and Dennis will go the schools and see what their needs are.


*At the Board meeting, Patricia talked about her articles not being put in the newspaper.

She is working on this problem with the new Editor. Pat mentions us on all of her radio shows and when she goes to Homeless to Home Luncheon.  Pat was told that Talon Bay put an article about the  Quarter Auction  in their newspaper.


*At the Board Meeting, Frank showed the new Go Daddy Website and how it works. It will go live soon.

Volunteer Coordination Needed --- looking for one.


*Jeannine said that she needs more labels and both types of bags- small and large bags.

Drop-offs – okay         


Other Business – none

Adjourn   at 11:30 am

_________________________________                             ______________________________

Dianne Patterson, President    date                                       Myra Cooley, Secretary      date  

Next Months Meeting will be held at North Port Library. See Calendar