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Please Welcome Our New Volunteer Coordinator Mary Ellen Carpeta

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February General Meeting Minutes


North Port Coalition for the Homeless/Needy Children, Inc. 

March General Meeting Minutes 

March 3, 2020 


*********************** ********************** 

Dianne Patterson, President Susan Ricard, Treasurer 

Myra Cooley, Secretary Dennis Teall, Co-Vice President 

Frank Casey, Web Editor Martha Teall, Vo-Vice President 

Patricia Petersmark, Historian/Publicity Brandon Johnson, Advisor 

Joyce Hill, Fundraiser Chair 

Hazel Goodman, Tagging Chair 

Mary Ellen Carpeta, Volunteer Coordinator ADVISOR COMMITTEE ABSENT 


Eileen Buckley, Advisor

  Marcia Mullen, Advisor 



Renee Remsen, Advisor 

Carol Lazzeri, Advisor 

Linda Warmington, Advisor 

Cheryl Doyle, Advisor 



General Meeting was called to order by Dianne Patterson at 10:05 am at Olde World Restaurant 

Mission statement was read by all. 

Introduction were made by all. There were 2 new volunteers present. 

The February Meeting Minutes were read by Myra Cooley. 

Financial Report was read by Dianne Patterson. 

Volunteer Coordinator 

*We have a new Volunteer Coordinator –Mary Ellen Carpeta. Susan and Mary Ellen Carpeta 

will working together over the next couple months. Welcome. 


*Amazon Smile – on going. 

*Perkins – on going

*Bunco –2/5/2020. The Board wants to say very big THANK YOU everyone who donated all the 

raffle items, all the food and of course, their time. All of guests had an excellent time. People 

loved the food and raffles. There was discussion about having another Bunco in the Fall but 

discussion on hold till after the Toast. 

*Toast/10th Anniversary--- April 4, 2020. Toast/10th Anniversary Dinner Fundraiser is being held 

at Heron Creek Country Club. Joyce got a call from Heron Creek and there was a change in the 

dinner menu, instead of Tilapia, we are having Shrimp Scampi. The invitations are being mailed 

on this Friday. Joyce is having a meeting on March 20th to finish wrap the Raffle Baskets. She 

will email everyone on the committee. Patricia will put flyers on the tables for the Toast/10th 

Anniversary at Chambers Breakfast. 

Patricia had a wonderful surprise for us. On her radio show, she had 2 special guests from 

Planation Golf and country Club—Chef Paul Lucibello and Chef Bruce Bailey. Chef Bruce donated 

a dinner for 4 and will be donating 2 bottles of wine from his private stock. It was decided to 

have a separate drawing due to being worth $400.00. In addition of this wonderful drawing, we are 

also having a special drawing for 4 Tickets to Universal Studios valued over $700.00 

*Giving Challenge – 4/28/2020 to 4/29/2020. Noon to Noon. More information to follow. 


*There will be 689 bags this month. Frank wants everyone to know not to open boxes and 

restock when we are finished with Packing Day. It is very hard for Dennis and Martha to do 

inventory for the next month. 


*Dianne received the check from Altrusa for $5000.00. Dianne has not heard from Linda 

Decker from Planation. 


*Up to date – Frank updated the bag count and put all the pictures of the new Volunteer 

Coordinator and the Advisor Board. 


*Patricia will put in the several articles in the newspaper and will talk about the Toast on the 

radio show. Several communities have put information on our upcoming events in their 

newspapers. Patricia would like to video the men doing what they do on Packing Day. 

Patricia was asked to come back to Shades of Green Stables to read again. They will be video 

the reading and putting on Facebook. Hazel offered to be a reader if they need her. 

Pastor from North Port Community Church asked Patricia if she would do a video so he could 

show at his church. They will be doing a hygiene fundraiser for us.WKDW97.5FM is a Fundraising at Bocco Lupo on March 28th. 


*Blaine will start going to Panera Bread every couple of weeks instead of every week because there is 

not enough product in the box. We getting many hygiene products. Dianne got a call from 

Island Walk and they  are having a month long for Hygiene Product Fundraiser in February and Hazel picked up

many hygiene products from them. 


*Hazel would like the Loveland People to come at packing day so they can label the bags. She 

has enough for this month. 

T-Shirt –on going 

Other Business/Adjourn 

*Harbor Isle has a new contact person ---Hollis Resink. 

*Dianne was contract by lawyer for Edward & Violet Cathbert Trust and we are to receive a 

check for $2000.00. 

Adjourned at 10:456 am 

___________________________________ _____________________________ 

Dianne Patterson, President date Myra Cooley, Secretary date