They are mostly invisible students. They suffer quietly. They walk through the halls like other students. They attend classes and appear studious. They hang onto the idea that all students come to appreciate; going to school and finishing school is key to any kind of bright future.

What is not understood at first sight is the struggle these students undergo every single day of their lives. They are homeless. Nothing is permanent in their lives. Some have transitioned through eight to ten different temporary dwellings and schools in less than one academic year.

They ask for nothing…even though most of them have not even had the simple dignity of starting their day with a washed face or brushed teeth.

Just in the North Port area there are hundreds of such students.

You have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives and the community we live in now.

Help the Back Pack Angels, a North Port-based group of grandmothers, mothers and teachers, who are providing students, identified as homeless by their counselors, with backpacks containing toiletries to meet their daily hygiene needs.

Call (813)-758-2805 right now to make a difference with these quietly suffering students.
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