If you would like to order a Back Pack Angels shirt.

Please contact Jean Wagner.

Phone: (563) 528-3171

Email: contact@backpackangels.org
Back Pack Angels Monthly Bag Delivery
Total Bags Delivered :
2016 - 6,239: 2017 - 6,892: 2018 - 2,665:
2016                                           2017                                         2018
  JAN      606    JUL     353    JAN     627     JUL     404     JAN    771     JUL              
FEB   568  AUG  none  FEB  691  AUG  none  FEB   653  AUG   
MAR  590  SEP  612  MAR  702  SEP  753   MAR  622  SEP    
APR  561  OCT  670  APR  579  OCT  799   APR  619  OCT   
MAY  618  NOV  690  MAY  690  NOV  754   MAY    MAY   
JUN   237  DEC  693  JUN  296  DEC  597   JUN     DEC   
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Please be aware, donations have to be by credit card only. The Giving Challenge website is a Secure (HTTP'S) and as stated on the website no personal
information is collected. So please understand non of your credit card information will be stored, it will be deleted once the transaction is complete.
If you are willing to make contributions greater then $100. you will need to use a different credit card under a different name I.E. Mr. Then Mrs..
Thank you so much for your help and support. God Bless You..
Thank you everyone for making our Vara Bradley Bunco a Huge success. Hope everyone who went had a great experience and fun..